The Macabre Realm of Offal

OFFAL: an old-school death metal splatterfeast from the rotten entrails of the late 80's / early 90's flesh-ripping cult!

of-fal: OFFAL comprehend the entrails and internal organs of a butchered one. The word does not refer to a particular list of organs, but includes most internal organs other than muscles and bones. Depending on the context, OFFAL may be considered as waste stuff that is thrown away.

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Stop on by and give horror a try

2016, 16/May
Offal - Horrorfiend 2015

The long awaited 3rd full-length album from the Brazilian Death Metal band! 9 brand new songs of pure horror worshipping splatter gore Death Fucking Metal that invokes the spirit of "Severed Survival" and "Horror of the Zombies" while embarking on their own journey...
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Turning Back To LIVE!!!

2014, 17/Jun

Last June 7th, after almost 3 years and a half, we got back to the stage!!! On a recent past we got several troubles, specially with our ex-drummers, that made us cancel live gigs frequently! So it’s solved and we finally GOT BACK...
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OFFAL/GUTWRENCH split 7″EP planned

2014, 17/Apr

Fresh news, fresh like the pungent aroma of a decomposing body!!! We're currently working on the release of a split 7"EP with Gutwrench, our label mates from Mexico!!! More news and updates about this released will be unleashed here and on our official Facebook page...
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Last review

Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages – Brazilian xtreme send back my stamps (pt)

2012, 29/Apr

Que absurdo!!! O Offal, banda formada já algum tempo e com lançamentos dignos por aí, não se fazia presente por aqui no meu modesto acervo. Esporadicamente olhei alguns flyers e/ou a citação do nome da banda, mas vergonhosamente ignorava. De forma leviana, talvez pensasse...
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Last interview

Interview – Executioner Zine (en)

2011, 8/Jul

Hello guys, welcome to the Executioner Zine and my congratulations for the cool piece of gory art, which is “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages”. How are you doing down there in Brazil? What happened since its release? Any cool shows? What about the response from people and media?...
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