The Macabre Realm of Offal

OFFAL: an old-school death metal splatterfeast from the rotten entrails of the late 80's / early 90's flesh-ripping cult!

of-fal: OFFAL comprehend the entrails and internal organs of a butchered one. The word does not refer to a particular list of organs, but includes most internal organs other than muscles and bones. Depending on the context, OFFAL may be considered as waste stuff that is thrown away.

Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages - Out now on Black Hole Productions
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OFFAL/MAUSOLEUM split 7″EP available

2014, 11/Apr

Updating the newest efforts, we’re proud to announce the releasing of our 2nd split 7”EP with our great label mates Mausoleum!!! Featuring totally brand new and exclusive tracks from both bands. For the wimps that still didn’t know, Mausoleum is the sickest Old-school Death...
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Body Found: The 4th Coffin Isn’t Empty Anymore

2013, 30/Sep

We’re very happy to announce the newest drummer! Igor Thomaz was already on our plans long time ago but it was possible to work with him just now. He should be already on the coffin for a long time, but now is the moment and our plans are going fuckin' great! Igor is a great friend, a huge Death Metal maniac and has some great...
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Beyond the grave

2013, 3/Jul
João Ongaro, Tersis Zonato, Maiko Thomé and André Luiz (rehearsal)

Hello everybody! After some good time, we're back here with some good news! Nowadays we're currently working hard to finish the whole tracks for the upcoming 3rd full-length album to be out late this year on Razorback Records! Here are some pics of the latest rehearsal we did June 21...
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Last review

Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages – Brazilian xtreme send back my stamps (pt)

2012, 29/Apr

Que absurdo!!! O Offal, banda formada já algum tempo e com lançamentos dignos por aí, não se fazia presente por aqui no meu modesto acervo. Esporadicamente olhei alguns flyers e/ou a citação do nome da banda, mas vergonhosamente ignorava. De forma leviana, talvez pensasse...
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Last interview

Interview – Executioner Zine (en)

2011, 8/Jul

Hello guys, welcome to the Executioner Zine and my congratulations for the cool piece of gory art, which is “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages”. How are you doing down there in Brazil? What happened since its release? Any cool shows? What about the response from people and media?...
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