The whole activity began on the middle of 2002, when André Luiz started a side-project with some of his friends (Angela Jornada, Carlos Eduardo and Chrystian Mass). During that time, things didn’t happen like they wanted. So, the initial line-up lasted for only a few rehearsals. Some months later, they decided to revive the band with Daniel de Azevedo joining in. Being huge fans of the legendary band Autopsy (certainly the biggest Offal’s influence), they decided to call the project Orgy In Excrements, an homage to the band and to the great Autopsy’s Acts Of The Unspeakable album song title. Unfortunately, as the time was passing by, things didn’t happen the way they wanted. So, the band broke-up after its first gig. Some months later, André Luiz, Chrystian Mass and Daniel de Azevedo decided to resume the band’s activities but on a brand new way. So, at the end of 2003, Offal officially raise-up!

Offal 2004 2004: Daniel de Azevedo, Chrystian Mass, André Luiz, João Carlos Ongaro

After the reformulation of the entire band, they start to rehearse and (de)compose new songs. On July 2004, they recorded their first stuff. With all things happening on a cool way, they did the 1st Offal’s gig on October 2004, beside some great Brazilian names such as Flesh Grinder and I Shit On Your Face. For this special occasion, Tersis Zonato was invited to play bass. However, because of some personal troubles, he couldn’t. Therefore, João Carlos Ongaro played on his place and after this gig, Daniel de Azevedo left the band. So Tersis Zonato came back to the band as a guitar player. Offal - Offal 2006The stuff that was recorded before was kept hidden for sometime. Just a few copies were made for some close friends. Finally, on January 2006, the recordings saw the light of day or I should say, the darkness of night. They were sent to a new Brazilian label called The Hole Productions, which immediately decided to release the 1st official Offal’s recording. On July of the same year, Offal’s debut full-length CD was officially released: Offal (The Hole Productions/ Brazil – 2006).

Offal 2006 2006: Chrystian Mass, João Carlos Ongaro, Tersis Zonato, André Luiz

Offal - Putr-essence 2008Unfortunately on July 2007, after four years, Chrystian Mass left Offal! On September, Eduado Tobe has joined to the activities as the new drummer! After some delay, Offal put out a split MCD with the Aussie freaks Bowel Fetus also via the same label on September 2008: Offal / Bowel Fetus (The Hole Productions/ Brasil – 2008).

Offal 2008 2008: André Luiz, Eduardo Tobe, Tersis Zonato, João Carlos Ongaro

Offal - Macabre Rampages and Splatter SavagesOn March 2010, a video clip of the song Trial of the Undead was officially released: this track was a preview of the upcoming album. So on September of the same year, the 2nd full-length CD was finally unleashed: Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages (Black Hole Productions / Brazil – 2010). Check out the album teaser on YouTube, featuring a preview of all tracks…

Offal 2010 2010: Eduardo Tobe, André Luiz, Tersis Zonato, João Carlos Ongaro

Following the 2nd full-length CD release, Offal also have released two other stuff: a split 7″EP with the Japanese Anatomia released by No Posers Please Records / Norway, which Offal’s side features two tracks, the side title track Over There Guts Everywhere and a cover version for Haemorrhage’s cult track In Nephritic Blue, this stuff is a homage for the Ittenbach’s cult movie Premutos – Der Gefallene Engel (1997). Anatomia’s side consists of one track called “Merciless Torment”. Some time later, a split 12″ maxi-single LP with the U.S. Decrepitaph was released by Grind Block Records / Italy. Offal’s side is addicted to The Beyond – E Tu Vivrai Nel Terrore – L’aldilà (1981) by Lucio Fulci and contains two tracks, Bloodshed From Beyond (Gateways of Doom) which is also the side title and When Hunger Brings Death. Decrepitaph’s side features one track called “Obsessed Into Oblivion”. Both split releases are currently available!

2012: Eduardo Tobe, João Carlos Ongaro, Tersis Zonato, André Luiz

Unfortunately Eduardo Tobe has left Offal on March 2012 for some personal reasons and huge job routine but he still recorded some new stuff before left the band to be released soon.

Some good drummers appeared, but the band chose the best one: Igor Thomaz did an amazing test rehearsal and in November 2013 he was officially confirmed as the newest drummer. Igor Thomaz is a huge Death Metal addicted and has already some great experience with his other Death Metal band Carrasco. Igor was living outside the city when he started to play on the band but now he’s living in Curitiba and the works are being great.

2013 line-upIgor Thomaz, João Carlos Ongaro, André Luiz, Tersis Zonato

Three split 7”EP was released between 2013 and 2015. The first one is “Cadaverous Crawls to Putrefact” (November 2013) with our U.S. Old-school Death Metal mates of Mausoleum by Goat Grind Records / Switzerland. In this release, Offal did an homage for Andrea Bianchi’s cult zombie movie Burial Ground (1981).

In December 2014, “Dementia Trash” was released by Black Hole Productions / Brazil with our label mates Zombie Cookbook.

And finally in May 2015, “Beyond Madness… Where Terror Rise” was released by Mindscrape Music / Brazil: this is a split with our Mexican friends of Gutwrench.

Offal recorded new tracks for the 3rd album to be out on Razorback Records / USA in 2015. Now we are awaiting for the final arrangements. Remember to check our news here and updates on our Facebook page.


The line-up that stands today is:

André Luiz Vocals
João Carlos Ongaro Bass
Igor Thomaz Drums
Tersis Zonato Guitars / Backing vocals