Interview – Executioner Zine (en)

2011, 8/Jul
Featured on: Executioner Zine
Format: Webzine
Date: 07/08/2011
Interview by: Jeroni Sancho

This interview was published in Spanish. Check out the other version.

1. Hello guys, welcome to the Executioner Zine and my congratulations for the cool piece of gory art, which is “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages”. How are you doing down there in Brazil? What happened since its release? Any cool shows? What about the response from people and media?

Tersis Zonato: Hello, everything’s fine… thanks! Since the release of our full-length we have also released two splits on vinyl format: a 7”ep with ANATOMIA (No Posers Please Records/2010) and a split maxi-single 12“LP with DECREPITAPH (Grind Block Records/2010). Besides, we have played on a few gigs to promote these latest releases. ‘Till now, we have great responses from everyone. My copies of “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages” are almost sold-out, which I think is very positive. I think the other members still have some copies and of course, you can find it on Black Hole Productions, the official label. We have very good reviews about this material… I invite to check out these reviews and many more information on our official website:

2. First of all I’d like to go a bit into the usual bio question, as I didn’t know your band at all before I received this second album. Could you please let us know how all started around Offal, which were your main influences what was your main goal doing gory noise?

André Luiz: Well, we started our activities late 2003 as a trio, playing just cover versions of some of our favorite bands like AUTOPSY, DATH and SARCÓFAGO and the band originally called ORGY IN EXCREMENTS (a homage to the AUTOPSY’s “Acts of the Unspeakable” song). Sometime later we started to compose our songs and when we got some good ones we decided to record that stuff! So we did and that time I sent it just to some local friends, we really didn’t have any plans to put that stuff out as an official release or something else! Some months later my friend Renzo Onofre of I SHIT ON YOUR FACE started his label (The Hole Productions) and I sent him the whole stuff, so he said that would like to put it out as his number one release! It was really awesome, so we started to produce the whole cover/layout and some months later our first full-length CD was finally out: OFFAL – S/t full-length CD – The Hole Productions (2006). Fortunately we got several good responses about the CD and nowadays it’s totally sold-out! Later we had some few line-up changes and a split CD with BOWEL FETUS was released on The Hole Productions (2008). Recently we have released our latest stuff, our 2nd full-length CD via Black Hole Productions (Brazil) a split 7”EP with ANATOMIA on No Posers Please (Norway) and a split 12” maxi-single LP with DECREPITAPH via Grind Block Records (Italy), check it out! Offal line-up today is: André Luiz – Vocals, Eduardo Tobe – Drums, João Ongaro – Bass, Tersis Zonato – Guitars and backing vocals.

3. I must admit I’m not the biggest of fans when it comes to Goregrind and similar Gore oriented genres, as I think the scene is supersaturated and most bands’s taste when it comes to writing music and lyrics is simply awful. But that doesn’t mean I’m not happy to find an interesting band from time to time, just like happened with you. What are your impressions about nowadays Goregrind/Porngrind scene with all those froggy vocals, childish lyrics about piss and tits and cloned artworks, trying to be all like the one and only Gut? Is that really the best the Goregrind scene can give of it? Which bands still managed to surprise you?

André Luiz: Hummm, I started to play Gore Grind early 1996 with my first band LYMPHATIC PHLEGM but I’m into it some good time before! We got a bad time of “Gore Grind” early 2000 or few more when we got tons of that called “One-man bands” and most of them were just a fuckin’ shit releasing tons of bullshit CD-R and poor-quality tapes that has no any importance for anything! Most bands that follow into the way you’ve mentioned don’t leave much time to broke-up or disappear, people that really enjoy the genre at all can easily define what they are and… Nowadays we can still find some great Gore Grind bands but to be honest it’s hard to find some bands into this genre playing with that passion and old-school feeling of the early 90’s days! DEAD INFECTION and early REGURGITATE are still GODZZZ to me and they will always be! Some actual Gore Grind bands I’m currently listening to are: JIG-AI, DESTRUCTIVE EXPLOSION OF ANAL GARLAND, GRUNT, GUTALAX, EXPURGO, SATAN’S REVENGE ON MANKIND, SPASM, HYMEN HOLOCAUST, …

Tersis Zonato: I agree with you: the scene is oversaturated… but is really possible to find great bands. For instance, we have some cool stuff in Brazil, some bands are evolving and some new groups are rising too. I always try to search for new bands, sometimes we can see it live on some underground events and I think it is amazing.

4. Even though, having a look to your MySpace profile I see you consider yourselves as a Death Metal band and the influences named are more on that site, even if there are some old-school Grind bands too. I was surprised as I definitely see you more on the Gory grind side of that old-school scene than the Death Metal one, your music has more Punk influences, just like Impetigo had a lot (ok, Autopsy too…) and it founds faster paces and less Metal influenced riffs in my opinion. Why do you consider yourselves a Death Metal band then? What’s your opinion about this recent comeback of the old Death Metal sound? Which bands are among your favourites?

André Luiz: Wohhh, all right I totally respect your opinion but OFFAL really has absolutely nothing into Grind or anything else! Except for me, all other band members aren’t into Grind Core, Gore Grind or other similar genre! My friend Tersis Zonato enjoys some stuff on this way but it’s not his major focus! Since we started our activities early 2003 OFFAL was a totally Death Metal addicted band! We can feat some Gore influences especially evidenced on the lyrics but about the sound we’re always trying to play Death Metal on it’s raw and filthy old-school way! Maybe your impression is because our 1st album that has a more Gore oriented atmosphere, we did some Gut’s covers and… but musically especially nowadays OFFAL sounds totally into old-school Death Metal!

Tersis Zonato: I have read an article recently with a very interesting study showing that at certain moments, some things (artistic things) restore the trends from the past. These cycles can be observed as a return to 20 years before… I was amazed when I read this, because you can find many artists and bands trying to bring back the spirit of the past 20 years (the beginning of the 90s era). We were always great fans of this primitive era of Death Metal, since it’s roots in the 80s… and since I have joined OFFAL, this was always our goal: to create music based on that thing we really love: old school Death Metal… I think it’s great to have new bands trying to follow these paths. To name a few, ANATOMIA, DECREPITAPH, HOODED MENACE and ACID WITCH are amazing.

5. When it comes to your music, what I liked the most is how well it captures the essence of the old horror and gore movies from the seventies and eighties, and not only because of the samples between the tracks but thanks to the kind of melodies used, the atmospheres, the vocals… Brutal and violent but full of a macabre and gloomy ambient. How did those movies influence you when it comes to write a song?

André Luiz: Man, you can’t imagine how glad we’re reading these nice words you said, THANKS A LOT! You were one of the very few that got the meaning behind the stuff, awesome! Unfortunately (specially in Brazil), people generally don’t understand what are the main intention of the band’s thematic and sound, it’s sad but… B cinema always was one of the main influences for several bands into Death Metal, Gore Grind… and when decided to completely change the whole band’s thematic from the 1st full-length CD I immediately said that we should be into B-cinema in general! I always loved all that bands that features movie’s intros on their stuff and IMPETIGO was always the main ones, they are for sure our greatest influence ever to get the whole lyric themes and visual oriented into B-cinema at all!

Tersis Zonato: We’re always trying to create this old atmosphere, from roots of Death Metal and somehow connected with the horror aesthetics. When we’re composing, we try to think the concept of the movie, it’s messages, context, etc. So the composition turns to this immersion process where our minds are focused on everything that we can link. I think it is very positive when someone perceives this and comment with us.

6. You had the great idea of putting a list of the movies from which your samples were taken from in the booklet of the CD, which is both cool for people so they can know it as well as for showing respect for the movies and their directors. Those samples you used are absolutely well placed and fit the development of the album, which is the way it should work, because I find it boring to listen to an album with samples on every song without any sense just to fit that standard, which breaks the atmosphere. What your opinion?

André Luiz: The idea to feat the movie’s names in the inner layout comes from the Lymphatic Phlegm times, we already did it on some of our old releases. It’s cool because people can discover where we got the samples from and maybe try to watch the movie, so people can see the real scenes and not just the audio sample. When I got some stuff with nice intros I’m always trying to know where they came from! I got on my knees when I saw for the very first time that Lucio Fulci’s “City Of The Living Dead” scene that REGURGITATE used on their 1st full-length CD “Effortless Regurgitation of Bright Red Of Blood”, AWESOME! Sure, we try to use the exact amount of intros along the stuff, an example is our own 2nd full-length CD, the original first production has some more intros and bigger ones than the stuff that was released. We got some opinions and suggestions and we change some intros. We need to take care a lot about it because if it gets too long it can turn boring, people will get pissed-off and the band will loose some points at the final public evaluation.

Tersis Zonato: It is necessary to find a good balance between samples and the music itself. As soon as we define the concept and the composition evolves, we start to imagine which movie part could fit and how should we mix it. So when we are recording, we grab all these samples with us. Sometimes it work right, sometimes we just forget about it… as I said, we’re always trying to find the better sound for it. These movie samples are essential to introduce the flick we’re talking about on the lyrics and I think we will keep using this resource in the future. It is also great to put a list of the movies on the booklet to homage these directors, and of course, if the listener enjoys the concept, he can look for our influences.

7. Could you write songs about movies such as “Scream” or all those remakes they are doing from “Halloween” and other cult movies? What do those new movies lake off in your opinion? Is that similar to listening to an old Death/Grind band and to a new one (in most of the occasions), which captures the technique but not the feeling because of the technical and personal circumstances?

André Luiz: Well, I think so but… Honestly I’m not an enthusiast about this new generation of Horror movies and especially remakes! Your last words are absolutely PERFECT, nowadays movies doesn’t have the same “feeling” of the past productions, the old stuff seems to be done with a lot of passion and for people that are really into the genre and not for anyone, not for shopping center cinema rooms… the old stuff is really different! About the music, it’s not similar at all, I think that we can still reach the old feeling nowadays but I must say it’s hard and unfortunately most bands don’t get it! We’ll keep writing about OLD B-cinema and trying to keep into the OLD-school way!

8. Well, I must admit one of the coolest songs of the album is without any doubt that cover of Goblin’s “Profondo Rosso”, which sounds awesome. How did you get that idea? Are you big Goblin fans or you simply like the soundtracks of the italian movies from the seventies? Have you listened to some bands who have a similar approach and influence from Goblin like Zombi, Anima Morte or Cuzo?

André Luiz: Well, I’m always trying to get the sound tracks of some cult horror flix I’ve enjoyed, it’s not easy to find at all but… when I got to listen that Deep Red’s sound track I think that would be great to do a Death Metal version of some track of that mighty Goblin’s soundtrack, so… I said to Tersis about this plan, he enjoyed the idea and so we choose the track! He did the whole work on it, making the version for the original one and we got really surprised with the final result, awesome! Many people comment about it and ask us if we’ll do another soundtrack song but we still don’t know what will be, we’ll choose it only when we start to work on some new stuff for a possible 3rd full-length CD, 2012 or later!

9. The picture in the inside of the backcover with all those old VHS movie tapes is great. Do you really have those tapes? Which would be your favourite movies from the seventies and eighties? I really like Suspiria for its atmosphere, the Evil Dead trilogy for the funny side and “Dawn Of The Dead” for how well it transmits the desolation after the zombie holocaust. Are you into the cannibal stuff, so often set in your country?

André Luiz: Wohhh man, it’s hard because there lots and lots of names to mention but… Mid 90’s I got a huge collection of approximately 800 VHS tapes with more than 1500 movies and it’s not so big like the collection of some other friends I know! Unfortunately I lost most of them through the years due to bad conservation, high humidity… Well… but I must say that my favorite genres are into Zombie movies, Italian Gialli, Exploitation, Brazilian B-cinema, Cannibal movies… Sureee, I love all the stuff that explores Cannibal thematic! Honestly I don’t know why we haven’t written lyrics about this theme yet but I’m sure that we’ll do something on this way for the next releases! Yes, we’ve some Brazilian Indian tribes that practice cannibalism, the main one was a tribe called TUPINAMBÁS! Early sec. XVI, they costume to eat the flesh of their enemies because doing this they believe to get the intelligence, courage, power and other abilities but they did it only on some rituals… human flesh wasn’t their day-by-day meal! Other Brazilian tribes into Cannibal rites were the CAETÉS, WARIS and KULINA. But the whole Brazilian Indian trajectory is very sad, most of the tribes were exterminated and nowadays there’s only a few and small tribes living on very small communities with the poor help from the Government and other responsible foundations. You’ll find other tribes that practice cannibalism on neighbor countries of Brazil such as Peru, Bolivia and Colombia, especially on the Amazon Jungle. Try to get some of the GRUESOME STUFF RELISH’s lyrics about Cannibal rites… they are just great!

Tersis Zonato: Thanks! We have most of these tapes yet. André is the VHS freak, hehehehe! I really like all the movies listed on the booklet and the flicks you have mentioned too. I first saw Evil Dead when I was a teenager, along with Friday the 13th and many more of this genre.

10. The cover of your new album is simply awesome, it represents what the listener will find in your songs at 100% and is connected with some classical movies. The person in charge was Mr. Putrid from Putrid Gore Art, who already worked with Autopsy, Impetigo, Hooded Menace, Coffins, … How did you work with him? Did you ask him exactly what you wanted or let him find the concept from listening to your music?

André Luiz: Thanks a lot man, great to know you dig it! Well, we started to work with Putrid on our split MCD with BOWEL FETUS and since then we’re currently working with him! For the “Macabre Rampages…” CD cover, we just send to Putrid the whole movie list that we would homage on the lyrics and he did it all for himself taking a special scene of each movie and featuring it all together. The result couldn’t be better, PUTRID OWNS! Be sure that we’ll keep working together for the future stuff!

11. What’s your opinion on explicit non-fiction covers which are so abundant nowadays? Does it really impress anybody or has any extreme meaning? Hasn’t that been a bit distorted from its origins? Carcass were vegetarian and tried to disgust people with their covers because of that, but making fun over and over again on pictures of dead bodies when dozens of bands already did it may be a bit stupid… Isn’t there any place for some personality when it comes to that?

André Luiz: The sickest gore covers I’ve seen are: DISGORGE (Mex) – “Forensick” and the sickest artwork: CANNIBAL CORPSE – “Tomb of the Mutilated” (censored cover). I can’t precise which is the better way but I think it must follow the band’s genre and concept. If the band is more into gore and pathology I think that a picture of a true fact can represent on a better way what the band want to show: a pathology, a surgery, an accident… see LYMPHATIC PHLEGM’s “Pathogenesis Infest Phlegmsepsia”! We never tried to disgust or to shock anybody, we just would like to make the people think about the REALITY beside them! An extreme occurrence like that can happen with anyone of us at any moment, so… people can’t forget to think about it! Sure, I must agree that covers featuring dead bodies are totally saturated nowadays and people are already pissed-off with this! But if the band is oriented into non-real/fiction subjects an artwork is the better way to represent its intent. Or how could you take a picture of a cadaver sucking the cunt of a retaliated woman? No way, so… On “Macabre Rampages…” we represent what the whole lyric themes were about featuring one of the main scenes of each movie homaged!

12. After the release of “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages” you’ve done two split vinyl releases with US deathmongers Decrepitaph and japanese autopsied Anatomia. How did those alliances come out and how much do your songs differ when it comes to composition to those of the album? Are they maybe even more Death Metal oriented? Did they give you a bigger international attention?

André Luiz: I firstly got in touch with Wayne from DECREPITAPH ordering some of their stuff, he has tons of other bands and side-projects and I’m frequently getting their stuff! So, after some good time I asked him about a possible split release with his band FESTERED but he said that would like to split with DECREPITAPH and so we start to work on the split 7”EP project! The first plan really should be a split 7”EP and we got the invite of the Italian label Grind Block Records to put it out for us! So, some time ago the label start to release the “Doomed Series” and this split was the 1st one! Label owner has changed the vinyl format for a 12” maxi-single LP and it was really amazing! The stuff looks awesome and we sold all our whole copies on some few time and still there people asking for it, PLEASE TRY TO ORDER DIRECTLY AT GRIND BLOCK! We got very happy with this release, especially for the format and for the great stuff we did besides DECREPITAPH! The split 7”EP with ANATOMIA was totally organized by our friend Hans of No Posers Please Records – Norway! He got in touch with us asking for a possible split 7”EP on his label and he said us that the other band should be the Japanese ANATOMIA and just after this, I start to get in touch with them! I don’t know how it’s going today but all our copies are sold-out!

Tersis Zonato: The song “When Hunger Brings Death” on the 12” split with DECREPITAPH was made to fit the full-length, but on rehearsals we always thought it wouldn’t fit the album. When we recorded, I was amazed with the result, but it certainly didn’t fit. So I compose the intro track “Bloodshed from Beyond” one day before recording the clean guitars and then this extra material was done. The track “Over There Guts Everywhere” was planned to be different and more atmospheric to be used on some split material and was taken on the ANATOMIA split. You can find some interesting elements like the clean vocals and cello on the ending part. I really like this song… A LOT! And it’s always fun to listen to it on a 7”. There’s also the HAEMORRHAGE track “In Nephritic Blue”, which is present on most of our gigs. I think “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages” brought more attention on the Death Metal scene for two reasons: it is way more accessible because it was released on CD version and because EPs and splits are more “cult”… there are people who got the CD and don’t know about these 2 split releases yet. It always surprises me! I really love this kind of stuff because it is so… underground! SUPPORT!!!

13. As usual in Executioner Zine, I’d like to propose you a fast choosing game. Let me know why you chose each option please:

Tersis Zonato: I think André would like to answer this!

André Luiz:
- Repulsion or Napalm Death: I absolutely love REPULSION, they are one of my favorite bands ever. The cover artwork of our 1st full-length CD was totally inspired on “Horrified”, a real cult and classic band! But… what can I say about NAPALM DEATH? The cult Grind Core pioneers, a history that has no anything to comment, simply PERFECT, AWESOME, AMAZING!
- Carcass or Carnage: I’m totally into Swedish Death Metal and CARNAGE is one of the best ones for me but CARCASS is a real legend, I love it especially the 3 first albums, this band really hit me a lot, CULT!
- Impetigo or Macabre: Veryyyyyyyy easy, IMPETIGO 10000000000000000x! No comments, there’s no comparison. NO WAY! GODZZZ!
- Autopsy or Abscess: I love ABSCESS but AUTOPSY is for sure my ALL TIMES favorite band! I have no words to explain what I feel about this band, the full-complete all forms discography and a lot of tattoos maybe can be a sign of a true DIE-HARD fan, no comments, AUTOPSY ABOSLUTELY FUCKIN’ OWNS!
- General Surgery or Regurgitate: I’m really fanatic for REGURGITATE, especially the early REGURGITATE was one of the main influences for LYMPHATIC PHLEGM ever, they did the most fuckin’ great GORE GRIND album ever, “Effortless Regurgitation…” is the meaning for the term GORE GRIND, awesomeee! What can I say about GENERAL SURGERY? Another cult band for me, “Necrology” is one of the most important albums of the Splatter/Gore history, a true masterpiece! And nowadays the band keeps hitting me, I love all that pathological gore way they keep exploring, amazing band for sureee!
- Gut or Mucupurulent: Early GUT has no comparison with anything: they are the founders of a specific genre that tons and tons of bands got inspired! There’s just only a few bands that are so important and representative for a whole genre like GUT! Taking-off all this Hip-hop, RAP or what the hell they are doing today the band’s history can’t never be forget, “Odour of Torture” is the bible for the Porn Gore genre, HAIL!
- CSSO or Catasexual Urge Motivation: What? The main LYMPHATIC PHLEGM’s influence ever! C.U.M. fuckin’ OWNS and “Rape Trauma Syndrome” is the main stuff for all post-1995 bands that have appeared playing Gore Grind, especially the drum-machine ones!
- Exhumed or Impaled: EXHUMED, I loved all that they did from the early demos ‘til “Slaugther Cult”, GORE METAL GODFATHERS! Glad they got back, anxiously waiting for the new stuff, HAIL!
- Haemorrhage or Machetazo: Wohhh, I loved MACHETAZO’s “Carne de Cementerio” and “Trono de Huesos” are cult albuns for me, greattt! But… HAEMORRHAGE is one of the best Gore Grind bands ever for all that they did and represent ‘til nowadays!
- Dead or Butcher ABC: DEAD!
- Ghoul or Gruesome Stuff Relish: GSR especially for their awesome thematic that was always one of our greatest influences and for their own sound with that sick atmosphere that makes us to know that are they since the first chord! When I got “Teenage Giallo Grind” I said… “man it’s awesome, I really would like to do something like this”! Great band, great! Would be fantastic to split with GSR maybe one day it be possible, arghhh!

14. Being such Autopsy freaks as you seem to be, what’s your opinion about their return to the scene? I always loved Abscess but their new 7” and MCD sounded great, and the new album promises even better things. Have you listened to any of them?

André Luiz: As a DIE-HARD fan, I’m suspect to comment about them! Just GREATTT! All the new releases are awesome and “Macabre Eternal” is another cult AUTOPSY album, no comments, AUTOPSY REIGNS SUPREME!
Tersis Zonato: “The Tomb Within” is amazing! I really like it and when I got this I was thinking how their full-length should sound. I recently got the new album “Macabre Eternal” and it is amazing! I just didn’t like one from the twelve songs. It is very good to know that such a great band returned and released good stuff. I always fear these returns, but they did it on an excellent way. Still, “Severed Survival” and “Mental Funeral” are my favorites. Hail!

15. What can you tell me about Brasil’s Goregrind and Grindcore scene? I must admit I know very few bands from those styles coming from your country: Lymphatic Phlegm, Flesh Grinder and you, all because of Black Hole Productions (as well as Expurgo now, from which I received a promo too), or more Grindcore oriented bands like Rot and Presto?, but compared with how much Death and Thrash Metal bands emerged from your lands, it seems those two styles are not so reknown outside your frontiers. Can you please give me some interesting name to discover and tell me a bit about that scene when it comes to concerts, places to play and even fanzines?

André Luiz: Ahh, the Brazilian scene keeps producing tons of bands every year on the most different genres! Some keep strong and get recognition, others unfortunately broke-up just some time before they start or after a demo! There really a lot of names to mention and I’ll probably forget someone but at any way try to check all these names into the most different genres: CREAMPIE, EXPURGO, NECROSE, ZOMBIE COOK-BOOK, I SHIT ON YOUR FACE, CRUNCH DELIGHTS, TERRORGASMO, PANKREATITE NECRO-HEMORRÁGICA, SYPHILITIC ABORTION, HARMONY FAULT, ANOPSY, CARNIVORE MIND, FECULENT GORETOMB, SCATOLOGIC MADNESS POSSESSION, CHRONIC INFECT, LÁSTIMA, FACADA, HUTT, D.E.R., TEST, SUB-CUT, SENGAYA, ANTICHRIST HOOLIGANS, CATACUMBA, GRAVE DESECRATOR, INFAMOUS GLORY, CLAWN, VOMEPOTRO, ANARKHON, CORPORAL SORES, LUTEMKRAT, AXECUTER, VIOLATOR…

16. Are you a band who uses to play live? Do you play often? How’s an Offal live show? Do you use any stage mise-en-scene or something similar or you simply go up there and play like mad freaks? Have you had any proposal or idea about playing outside Brasil soon?

André Luiz: Ohhh nooo, we don’t play live a lot of times, just some few times in a year! Unfortunately we can’t do even more gigs because the work efforts. Me and our drummer usually work outside of Curitiba and we spend a lot of time traveling at work so we can’t do frequent live appearances, but honestly I really don’t care about it, we think that it’s totally OK for us, we want to play just some few times, with cool bands and for the right people. We haven’t any invite or proposals to play outside Brazil but should be great, maybe it still can be possible some day on a near future! About our live sets, people always support us a lot and it’s really GREAT! The mosh-pit circle is always intense… some freaks are always following us, travelling together, pounding and banging all over the place, great time ever!

Tersis Zonato: We really love to play live. Unfortunately it is not possible to have many gigs as we want because were always very busy with work and personal stuff, but we are looking forward to play more gigs this year especially at some places where we haven’t played before. An OFFAL show is always great for us because some people get real crazy. At one gig, a friend of us broke his leg and then he missed a job interview on the next morning. Today we laugh a lot with him! Every time we have a new story to tell… crazy bangers!

17. Can you tell us the latest news around Offal when it comes to future releases, possible tour or any other thing before closing this interview? Maybe more split releases before starting to work on a new album?

André Luiz: Wohhh yeah, we’re already currently working on some new songs and we want to put out some more vinyl stuff, split or no, before start to work on a new full-length album especially because we’re still promoting “Macabre Rampages…” and we have much to do about this album yet! We also want to play some more gigs especially on some places where we didn’t stay before, these are the main plans for a while!

18. The end is here guys, as it is for everyone on this planet. Thanks a lot for your time and for sharing your time and thoughts with us. Good luck. Puke anything you forgot.

André Luiz: Thanks a lot for all your whole support and for this great opportunity, we really appreciate it! Our newest stuff are still available right now, you can get it directly with us or with our labels! If there’s anyone interested, get in touch with us via our website, myspace, facebook, twitter… Don’t forget to keep checking our website: there are many reviews, interviews and a lot of information about OFFAL. All the best and thanks again and again for this great time! THE PAST WILL NEVER DIE, THE CULT IS ALIVE – ALL HAIL OLD-SKULL DEATH METAL!

Tersis Zonato: Thanks a lot for your support… great questions, great time answering! I invite you all to access our official website (, MySpace (, ReverbNation (, YouTube ( and many more channels we have. Check out the official website: there you will find more detailed information about OFFAL. Keep checking it, because we’re always updating with some news and cool stuff.