Meeting the Legend II

2012, 9/Dec

We’re not sure but since 2000 or a few before some of the greatest worldwide bands into Death, Black, Doom and other related genres were in Brazil and this year was really special for us ‘coz we’ve the opportunity to meet two of the greatest Death Metal legends ever: Autopsy (see Meeting the Legend) and Master.

Tersis Zonato, Paul Speckmann and André Luiz

Last November 15th we and our great friend Elias Dantas were at Jaraguá do Sul, a small city on the neighbor State of Santa Catarina, three hours far from Curitiba. This gig was really special ‘coz beside Master we had the opportunity to see an awesome live set of Absu! Tersis Zonato is really a big fan of Absu and he had really a great time making tons of movies and pics of the live set and of course signing all the songs on the stage front! They’ve played classics such as Highland Tyrant Attack and Morbid Scream. We can’t forget to mention Proscriptor McGovern’s live performance, simply AMAZING, this guy fuckin’ kills!

Absu live

This was the second time Master have played in Brazil but on the first one unfortunately was not possible to meet them but we’re sure that the second time was really better! Master live set was really awesome too! They have played almost and hour and the set was full of classic ones as Master, Shoot to Kill, Judgement of the Will, Submerged in Sin, Pay to Die… And finishes with some songs of the most recent album The New Elite! No comments, just DEATH METAL on its purest and glorious way! Really great to meet Paul Speckmann personally, signing all stuff people have asked for, taking tons of pics and giving all the attention for their fans, cool guy!

Master live

We also can’t forget to mention the opening acts! Our great brothers of Antichrist Hooligans did another awesome set with their sick Metal Punk attack and Carrasco is gettin’ better and better every time we seen them! Great guyz, keep making the Old-school Death Metal a MUST! The low point was just the few people at the club but it’s not a new when it’s about underground gigs in Brazil, the shame continues! Congratulations for the whole organizers for the effort for making it possible!