OFFAL/MAUSOLEUM split 7″EP available

2014, 11/Apr

Updating the newest efforts, we’re proud to announce the releasing of our 2nd split 7”EP with our great label mates Mausoleum!!! Featuring totally brand new and exclusive tracks from both bands. For the wimps that still didn’t know, Mausoleum is the sickest Old-school Death Metal band of Pennsylvania/USA and they are back with a new line-up featuring ex-members of Incantation, Morpheus Descends and Engorge. Only 350 copies were released by Goat Grind Records / Switzerland, made on black vinyl and high-quality full-colored cardboard sleeves. Don’t expect anything more than eerie, putrid and horror-addicted Death Metal!!! Autopsy and Impetigo fans rejoice!!! It’s being currently to be sold-out, so be fast or…

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Offal / Mausoleum split 7"EP Offal / Mausoleum split 7"EP