Turning Back To LIVE!!!

2014, 17/Jun

Last June 7th, after almost 3 years and a half, we got back to the stage!!! On a recent past we got several troubles, specially with our ex-drummers, that made us cancel live gigs frequently! So it’s solved and we finally GOT BACK!!!

Our last gig was really special for a lot of reasons, but the main point was Igor Thomaz’ debut with Offal!!! The set was really great and we got several good responses about it! We got very happy to got back live again after all this time! We’ve some more gigs scheduled for the next months, including the return to Curitiba/PR (last time we played on our city was June 2010)… So will be really great to play live at our graveyard again after all this time! Watch out for currently updates and sick news, especially about the upcoming releases!

Igor Thomaz

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