Bloodshed From Beyond – All You Need is Gore!!! (en)

2012, 9/Feb
Featured on: All ou Need is Gore!!!
Format: Webzine
Date: 2012, 9/Feb
Review by: Vincent Tozeau

OFFAL starts playing with a nice instrumental song, heavy and obscure the way it must be, typically in the INCANTATION style! Slow and deep musick, a few mintues long, with arpeggios and thunder samples, etc., everything we want for a nice morbid mood, haha! Then comes another intro (?), sampled from Fulci’s “The Beyond”, then comes the “real” track of this side, entitled “When Hunger Brings Death”. That is a nice piece of Old Skull Death Metal, back from the 90′s! Catchy, and mid tempo, with a Grind Death touch in the MORTICIAN style, this is a good song, sounding a bit basic but effective! But maybe after such a morbid introduction we were waiting for something a bit in the same vein, closer to INCANTATION than MORTICIAN / IMPETIGO? Anyway, it’s clearly about high quality material, to get in your OFFAL collection, with their excellent 2nd full length album of course!!

Other side is DECREPITAPH. This is the first time I listen to them, even if they released a lot of records since their beginning in 2006, 3 full lengths albums in particular! Well, about DECREPTITAPH, playing 1 song on its side, everything is told on the sleeve: “The spirit of 1991 will never die”! What else can I add? ahah! Wait for some ’91 Death Metal! Think of AUTOPSY, melted with INCANTATION, melted with DISMEMBER and with a touch of very early MORBID ANGEL and you’ll get it! 1991! One track only, that’s always hard to have a complete opinion with only 1 track but I liked with I listened to and for sure I’ll try to get other stuffs from them, at least one of their full length if I can!

Finally, we got a very cool split EP, coming on a 12″ vinyl (always better for the artwork!), available as a limited colored version (unfortunately not mine) and to be in your collection if you’re looking for some nice Old Skull Death Metal records!!