Macabre Rampages and Splatter Savages – Slowly We Rot Fanzine (en)

2012, 4/Apr
Featured on: Slowly We Rot Fanzine
Format: Zine
Date: 2012, 4/Apr
Issue: #1
Link: Slowly We Rot Fanzine

This album is great, it took Offal 4 years since their debut official album to release this one, but it was worth the waiting for their fans. “Macabre Rampages And Splatter Savages” is a 39 minutes effort (12 tracks) that would make any Autopsy’s dan’s day, and this not because Offal would be an Autopsy copycat, but because of its atmosphere, extremely fat, horrifying, gory and disgusting. The cover artwork says it all, it’s a long time since I’ve seen such an inspired cover, so well linked with the musical content of the CD. Offal’s music is both groovy mid-paced, an old-school Death Metal-like fast, and they switch at the right time. Also the guitar solos, the movie exerpts and the screaming backing vocals are positioned that way that they can only help the music, without being overused at all. Strongly recommended to old-school organic Gory Death Grind fans!

Rating: ★★★★★★★★★½|  9.5/10